Patricio Cosentino


One of the newest geographical locations experiencing an influx of tuba and euphonium activity is South America, musicians traveling abroad to undertake studies on our instruments, many are returning to their countries to serve of our instruments. Recently, some of this activity was documented by American euphoniumist Jason Ham is his tuba/euphonium festival, Encounter of Tuba and Euphoniums, published in the Volume 35:3 Spring Issue. It is only most active professionals in South America and host of this festival, Patricio Cosentino, in an effort to better growing activity.

How did you start playing the tuba?

Well that is a long story. My father was a salesman for Volkswagen, and he had to taken a German Language Technical Temperley (Argentina). He took this language course and liked how they taught, and he decided that his the school.

Foto Patricio Cosentino